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4H4P is a Bangkok-based executive recruitment firm that aims to bridge the gap between businesses and top talent. Our team of experts prioritises trust, time, and teamwork, ensuring a smooth hiring experience for both parties and the best fit for their organisation’s unique needs.


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Our recruitment agency focuses on connecting talented professionals with companies that value their potential, recognizing individual motivations and identifying areas for growth beyond resumes and qualifications.

IT Staff Outsourcing

IT Staffing Solutions

Our IT personnel outsourcing services allow clients to select candidates for a specific time frame, with 4H4P ensuring prompt assessment, recruitment, pay, retention, and replacement of employees.

HR Services

Payroll Made Easy

Helps companies to put their staff on our payroll, and we handle employee compensation. This will help our clients focus on their businesses instead of payroll. Staff are paid promptly and documentation is organized.


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Focuses on protecting information systems and data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.


Designs, develops, tests, and maintains software applications, systems, and websites.




Develops and implements intelligent systems that can learn, reason, and act autonomously.




Uses technology to manage financial transactions, analyze data, and develop financial products and services.




Provides medical care remotely through video conferencing and other technologies.


Designs, develops, and implements robotic systems.





Data Centers

Provides computing resources and storage over the internet.



Involves the creation,
production, distribution,
and marketing of video
games on various
platforms like consoles,
PC, and mobile.


Data acquisition, drilling, production, and transportation, ensuring safety, efficiency, and environmental compliance.



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We exceed expectations with a smooth hiring process. Focus on running your business, let our passionate team handle the recruitment.


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